Polyester or nylon? How to choose?

Polyester or nylon? How to choose?

Choosing between polyester or nylon carpeting is easier than you might think. Each offers specific benefits and characteristics so that one will serve you best.

The more you know about your available options, the better choices you can make. So here are some facts that will serve you well as you choose between these two.

What to know about nylon fibers?

Nylon is a manufactured fiber that offers impressive strength and protection from wear. In addition, it's easy to maintain with versatile, affordable options at any budget level.

Nylon is the most commonly used material in the carpet industry. This is because it offers such an array of variety you'll find carpeting very beneficial in various spaces.

What to know about polyester fibers?

Few floors are as soft as polyester, for comfort that's hard to rival. It's plush, luxurious, and even inhibits the buildup of static electricity.

This fiber offers a better stain resistance than nylon, though it's not as durable in high-traffic spaces. So these floors in lightly traveled areas may best serve you.

Which one is best for you and your household?

Nylon is the obvious answer in areas where guests, pets, and children travel. But if you have low-traffic rooms, a polyester floor covering can be a great fit.

Be sure to consider all your flooring needs to see which fits best. If you have questions, our associates will be happy to answer them.

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