Area rug binding


What are the benefits of area rug binding?

Area rug binding is the easiest and least expensive method of finishing a carpet edge. Binding refers to the wrapping of a strip of fabric, usually polyester or cotton, around the edge of a rug and stitching it in place by a carpet-binding machine. Benefits include the low cost and extensive color palette of binding, making it easy to match any carpet, so the edge blends appropriately.

Alternative to replacing rugs

Sometimes a rug is a family heirloom that, although worn, you can’t bear the thought of replacing. Other times, rugs, such as Persians or Orientals, can be very expensive to replace. Take it to our rug binding department, we’ll cut and reshape it to create scatter-rugs, and you'll always have it with you. It’s also an excellent way to use leftover remnants from a carpet installation.



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Binding for custom area rugs

Binding will let you create a rug with a logo, greeting, or some other special occasion. It’s also an excellent complement to stock rugs; they come in standard shapes and sizes, but rooms aren't perfect squares. There are door sills, bay windows, moldings, and baseboards with which to contend. If you see something you love but won’t fit, buy it anyway and take it to us for resizing.

Why use area rugs?

Area rugs can pull together room elements, such as colors and textures. They add a finishing touch and can highlight and accent a floor. Rather than covering a beautiful floor, area rugs can bring out undertones, add some vibrancy to a neutral color palette or even quiet down one with many patterns. Carpets can also divide and separate spaces, especially with today's modern open layouts that often include a living room and dining room or if you want to section off a corner of a room as an office, library, reading room, or even a tiny bedroom. Just like any carpet, these insulate against noise and provide warmth and comfort. They can also add a grounding effect by anchoring furniture. Sometimes when there's just a bare floor, it can seem as though the furniture floats, but a rug can provide stability. Foglio's Flooring Center is a family-owned full-service flooring showroom located in South Jersey. Since opening our doors in 1988, we’ve treated our customers with personalized service and attention to detail, especially from our professional design and decorating staff. We also offer quality products, competitive pricing, expert installation service, and a free estimate. To learn more about area rug binding, visit our showroom in Marmora, NJ, especially if you live in or near Marmora, NJ, Ocean City, NJ, Avalon, NJ, Stone Harbor, NJ, Sea Isle, NJ || Galloway Township, NJ.