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Why choose laminate?

Laminate flooring adds sophisticated style—amazingly realistic hardwood and stone looks—to your home for less.

Laminate flooring is easy to install and easy to maintain, making it a great choice for the way you live—and for your budget. And it’s an environmentally friendly flooring option, often being made with recycled materials and requiring no harvesting of rare trees. Now, you can have styles that are as environmentally responsible as they are beautiful.

Fresh style. We carry laminate styles that embrace the latest trends. Add a light wood-look laminate in shades of white and gray to lighten up any space with an open, airy feel. Or try a natural stone look to create buzz-worthy flooring.
Serious durability. You can put the visual you love in even the trickiest areas—foyers, hallways, high-traffic areas and in-between spaces. Direct pressure laminate surfaces are virtually immune to spills, scuffs, stains and fading. Laminate flooring can be installed over dry concrete, wooden subfloors and many floor types. Its low clearance space height helps in older homes with floor thickness issues. Laminate floors are exceptionally durable and provide worry-free assurance that the floor you love won’t lose its looks.

Easy maintenance. As we mentioned, laminate flooring options realistically emulate the look and feel of hardwood at a lower price point. Did we add that your laminate floors will clean in a snap? That’s right, maintenance is quick and easy. Just clean with a vacuum, a damp cloth and the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner.

There are many laminate patterns and designs available and we invite you to browse our catalog HERE or visit Foglio's Flooring Center to view them in person.

Featured laminate products

Antique Style Stone Hearth Oak 2
Mohawk Industries

Beachside Collective Beachwood 2
Mohawk Industries

Elegantly Aged Asher Gray Oak 3
Mohawk Industries

Sawmill Creek Wheat Field Oak 2
Mohawk Industries


Laminate flooring from Foglio's Flooring Center

Laminate can be at home in your home

Laminate flooring came onto the scene first in Europe, where they were made to overlay concrete subfloors. Invented in 1977, it was marketed in Europe first in 1984, and then it found its way onto the market in 1994 int he United States. It’s a great alternative to solid wood flooring, as it carries the same beautiful wood look, but is a bit easier on the budget than hardwood.Furthermore, it has plenty of benefits to offer the meticulous homeowner.

At Foglio’s Flooring Center, we take great pride in helping our customers find the perfect flooring for all their spaces. Whether you’re looking to refloor a single room or an entire dwelling, we can help you throughout the entire process.From picking the perfect floor covering, to installation and after care, we are truly a one-stop shop for all your flooring needs. Serving the areas of Marmora, Ocean City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Sea Isle and Galloway Township, we have a showroom located in Marmora, NJ. Feel free to stop by at your convenience to speak with a qualified flooring specialist.
Durable laminate floors in Marmora NJ from Foglio's Flooring Center

Laminate benefits

One of the things we love most about laminate is its durability. For instance, it’s incredibly resistant to scratches, stains, impacts, and even fading caused by direct sunlight. Because of this, it is most often used in rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms and even dining rooms and dens. It stands up well if you happen to have pets and children in the home.

This material can be installed in a variety of ways. First, there is the floating floor, which is applied with no glue, nails or staples at all. In this case, planks simply lock together for a quick and easy install. This is the most common form you’ll find in this style of flooring. There are also the types that can be glued into place, as well as those that come pre-glued. The pre-glued version only needs to be moistened and attached to the subfloor. Be sure to discuss these options with your flooring specialist, to see which method is best for your own home.

Maintenance and upkeep is easy when it comes to this floor covering. You will never have to worry about waxing or polishing them, and with a good broom or vacuum, and a damp mop, you can quickly keep them looking brand new for years to come. For information on which cleaners you can use, be sure to speak with your flooring specialist, or consult your manufacturer.

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