Carpet styles: Berber to loop pile to shag

Carpet styles: Berber to loop pile to shag

Carpet styles are a big deal, especially if this is your first significant carpeting purchase. However, each style offers a different experience and lifespan, which means you'll want to choose wisely based on your specific preferences and requirements, so read along for more information on these three styles.

Carpeting styles differ from one to another

Carpeting is an attractive way to add visual appeal to almost any room, with styles and designs that are sure to be pleasing to the eye and spirit. Here are three styles you can consider as you shop for your perfect flooring.

1. Berber – Often considered one of the best all-around carpets, this style is known for looped pile and speckled colorings that work wonderfully to hide dirt and debris, even in busy areas.
2. Loop pile – This term refers to any carpet that offers fibers that have not been sheared once looped through the backing material.
3. Shag – You might remember the shag look from the 70s era carpets, but it’s as beautiful as ever, with long tufts and a casual appeal.

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