Four tips for selecting carpet flooring for your home

Four tips for selecting carpet flooring for your home

A new carpet is a welcome addition to any home, but you want to make sure you pick the one that meets your needs.

Give some thought to the following four tips, then stop by family-owned Foglio's Flooring Center to compare carpet styles.

You can find the latest styles from top flooring companies at our Marmora and Ocean City, New Jersey showrooms.

1. The ‘right’ carpet is more than attractive.

Focus on the kind of fiber and appearance to get the best type of carpeting for your home. Nylon and triexta are tough fibers ideal for high-traffic spaces and areas where children or pets will be present. Polyester is perfect for rooms that see less activity.

2. Carpet color sets the mood or tone of the room.

It's best to pick a color that complements the ambiance you wish to create for maximum satisfaction with your new carpet.

For example, yellow is warm, welcoming, and energizing, while blue is an excellent and calm color. Purple is rich and dramatic, and green is cheery and relaxing.

3. Loop-style carpet may be preferable to cut-style.

Carpet floor covering constructed with looped fibers is a somewhat less traditional yet wise choice for family rooms and other well-used spaces.

This carpet is usually tightly woven, and short loops, in particular, are easy to clean since dirt stays near the surface.

4. Don’t forget about Berber!

Berber-style carpet is an excellent alternative to dark-colored carpet for high-traffic areas. This type of loop-style carpet usually has a light-colored background that is flecked with darker colors. The typically earthy color combination is eye-catching, and it hides dirt well.

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